Enhanced Recovery

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Enhanced recovery also known as fast track, rapid or accelerated surgery is transforming elective and cancer care pathways across the NHS and improving both patient experience and clinical outcomes. There is increasing evidence, expertise and enthusiasm in the UK for implementing this approach as it has also demonstrated a number of operational and efficiency benefits for teams managing patient pathways. The key to ensuring successful implementation of enhanced recovery is engagement, commitment and involvement of the multidisciplinary team across the local health community.

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Published 31st March 2010

Change is hard. However, the Enhanced Recovery Partnership Programme demonstrated our capacity in the NHS to change. In just two years, from May 2009, enhanced recovery pathways have been established in the vast majority of NHS hospitals in England. Length of hospital stay has dropped to target levels set down at the launch of the Enhanced Recovery Partnership Programme, without increase in readmissions and with high levels of patient satisfaction.

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Published 2012

A better journey for patients seven days a week and better deal for the NHS

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Progress review (2012/13) and level of ambition (2014/15)

We believe that enhanced recovery should now be considered as standard practice for most patients undergoing major surgery across a range of procedures and specialities
Enhanced Recovery Summit - 30th April 2012
Consensus Statement updated February 2013